Why ECM?

Reaching nearly one million readers through our online and print publicatons, ECM offers you hometown audiences with the ability to scale. Each day, we’re working on over 50 print publicatons, more than 20 online news sites, and creating custom print campaigns for national advertisers to small businesses.

But it’s not just our size, it’s our experience.

Some of our newspapers go back over one hundred years. A lot has changed since the 1800s, and we’re still here. Today, we offer online partnerships, digital advertising, and web site services in addition to our print expertise. The times have changed, and we continue to adapt and lead the way.

Media has never been so diverse as it is today. Rather than print, radio, or television, there’s now online. Additionally, there’s decisions to be made on your own site, aggregate sites, ad words, SEO, SEM, social media, and the next big thing that’s surely around the corner. Fortunately, your ability to reach your customers in ways never imagined is truly at your fingertips.

We’ve been through it. And we’ve been through what was before that. And we’ll make it through whatever is to come.

Let us help.