Sponsorships and Promotion

Our history is all about local. We pride ourselves on being the best source for news on your city hall, police and fire stations, school boards, and local heroes.
Our readers want to see you too.

We have created a variety of sponsorship and promotion options to work with any type of business. All options are based on a history of solid online performance that truly gets noticed and acted upon by your hometown customers. Each has its unique strengths. Contact us to craft a plan that works for you.

Starting at $100 per month

Local sponsorships are reserved for local businesses. An incredibly low price for such great reach. Note that we limit the number of sponsors each month, and operate on first-come, first-served priority.

Story Sponsorships

Go beyond advertising with our story sponsorships. Rather than flash a product or offer to your customers, take the opportunity to tell them what makes you truly special. Placed right in the news feed like all other stories, your customers are sure to notice you. Great businesses have great stories to tell. We’re here to help you get that story out.

Story page highlights your business like no other advertising can. With links to your website and social media profiles, customers can think of you in a new light.

To find out how easy and effective it can be to advertise with stories, contact us today.

Starting at $250/story

Includes writing and creative help, placement advice, and the full weight of our editorial coverage.

Be seen right in the news and communicate the true value of your business.

Special Promotions

You know your business and customers. We can provide great opportunities, but we want to help you with something special you’ve been thinking about.

We speak to the community. You serve the community.

What can we do to help you?

Prices based on $20 CPM

We want to find the right fit for you. Whether sponsoring an athlete of the week, weather, or something you’ve always thought of doing, we’re here to help. Sites and content vary.